Coffee Break


What is Coffee Break®?
Coffee Break is the Alzheimer Society's major nationwide annual fundraiser where friends, co-workers and customers gather in communities across Canada to raise funds for local Alzheimer Societies. Participants at these events make a donation in exchange for a cup of coffee. The money raised stays in that province or community to help support local programs and services.

Where does an Alzheimer Coffee Break take place?
Large corporations, small businesses, hospitals, schools, service organizations, health-care facilities and private residences are just a few examples of ideal places to host coffee breaks. You can organize an event -- large or small in your community, workplace or home.

When does it take place?
The 22nd annual Alzheimer Coffee Break kicks off on Thursday, September 21, 2017 and continues throughout the month and into October. Check with your provincial Alzheimer Society for dates, times and locations in your area.

How do I host a Coffee Break?
It's easy. You can hold a break in your office, at home, at your church, in a local mall or anywhere you can set up a stand and serve coffee. You can also offer tea and juice, or raise more funds by adding cookies or pastries. It’s your coffee break, your way – be creative and have fun! To get started, contact your provincial Alzheimer Society to register and receive a host package.

Why should I host an Alzheimer Coffee Break?
When you host a Coffee Break in your community, you help raise much-needed funds for local programs and services for people with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers. Your support makes a huge difference in their lives.

How much money is raised?
Thanks to our generous sponsors and participants, Coffee Break raises over $1 million every year in support of essential programs and services for people living with dementia, their caregivers and family. These programs make all the difference in the way families are able to live with the disease.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017