Our annual Enhancing Care Conference is an educational experience for Health Care Professionals that helps to provide the tools and specialized training that one needs when caring for persons with dementia.  The conference is ideal for those providing care in the homes of those living with dementia, in Special Care Homes, Nursing Homes, and Acute Care.

April 3 & 4, 2019
Fredericton Inn
1315 Regent Street
Fredericton, NB
8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M

This year we are excited to announce that our conference will be growing from a one day to a two day event. Both days will have plenary keynote speakers, a number of breakout sessions and workshops to choose from.

DAY ONE: Clinical and leadership focus
DAY TWO: Tailored to provide hands on tips and tools

Topics covered on the two days include person centred care planning, working within a multigenerational workforce, policy and ethical decision making, reducing stress and burnout, respecting individual choice, and improving the mealtime experience.  All presentations will focus on how to apply learnings using a person centred approach. 

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 We are thrilled to introduce our speakers!  


Jim Kinsey
Director of Member
Experience at Planetree

Jim has over 25 years in healthcare and has spent the last ten years consulting and educating long term care organizations for the implementation and sustainability of person-centred care. Jim is currently responsible for leading twenty-five Planetree member sites with their implementation of a patient and resident centered care culture.

Jim will be giving a plenary keynote titled “Avoiding the Next Institutionalization” and a workshop on
Palliative Dementia Care on Day One. He will also be giving a plenary keynote on Day Two titled “My Choice is Not a REFUSAL: Uncovering the absurdity in not seeing the person.”



Alan Manning
Executive Vice President
at Planetree

Alan Manning is the Executive Vice President at Planetree, Inc., a mission based non-profit dedicated to pioneering methods for personalizing, humanizing and demystifying the healthcare experience. Planetree currently partners with healthcare organizations across the continuum of care in 19 different countries.  Manning oversees many aspects of the day-to-day operations of the organization while also collaborating with sites in several countries.

He will be giving the plenary address on Day One on Multi-Generational Workforce and a breakout session on Day Two on Reducing Caregiver Burnout — two topics very timely in the heather care sector.