Lobby and Stairwell

We know that our main entrance is each person's first impression of our space. As such, the upgrades to ASNB’s resource centre begin as soon as visitors enter the building. The entrance is free of clutter and features prominent directional signage at all decision points to assist with wayfinding.

What we learned:

  • When possible, remove the threshold strip in front of doorways to reduce risk of tripping.
  • Most buildings make use of black safety mats at entry ways which can often appear like a large hole to a person living with dementia. Our building owner chose safety mats at each entry point that are brightly colored, to help balance the need for safety, but also support those entering the building living with dementia.

  • Use a hand rail that contrasts with the wall to help indicate an incline or decline. For a person living with dementia who is experiencing visio-spatial changes or changes in depth-perception, this visual cue can help reduce the risk of falls.
  • A handrail on each side of the stairs and reducing the height between each stair can assist with mobility and support the change in gait that often occurs with those living with dementia.

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Last Updated: 10/30/2019