Get Connected

    One of our primary goals is to connect persons living with memory changes and their care partners to services as soon as possible.  To achieve this we offer drop-in programs that anyone can attend immediately. Our Brain Wave Cafés provide a friendly place for people concerned about cognitive change & dementia and care partners to meet up on a regular basis for a coffee, conversation and fun. Support Groups for care partners run once monthly (excluding statutory holidays) and are open to anyone.   

    All other programs require a referral be made through our First Link® program. First Link® assesses each referral for eligibility and connects the individual and their families to appropriate community supports in addition to a range of programs and services that we offer.

    Healthcare providers

    Individuals, Family & Friends

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    Eligibility Criteria

    • A person who exhibits symptoms of dementia (e.g. changes in cognition and function)
    • A family member caring for someone exhibiting symptoms of dementia

      Last Updated: 04/03/2020