Therapeutic Living Centre

The Therapeutic Living Centre (TLC)  is a place where people with dementia can come to meet others who share a similar experience, learn about supports available to them and participate in discussions and activities that promote health and well-being. Most of our early-stage programs are run through the TLC. At TLC the perspective of people with dementia is honoured. The TLC offers an opportunity for people living with dementia to be:

  • Accepted as people
  • Engaged as equal participants
  • Valued for their contribution and perspective
  • Supported as they face the challenges associated with dementia

Therapeutic Living Centre

Home-Sense for Dementia

The TLC also serves as a resource for people with dementia, families and informal or formal care providers to learn how to create supportive environments that help people with dementia to remain at home and keep engaged in life despite dementia.  We call this ‘Home-Sense for Dementia.’  Any one is welcome to have a tour of the TLC and meet with a counsellor to discuss strategies for adapting the home environment. We also offer presentations on ‘Home-sense for Dementia’  through our Education Services.  Please refer to our ‘Home-Sense for Dementia’ guide for helpful tips and strategies for living at home with dementia.  It can be downloaded below at no cost.  If you are a caregiver of a person with dementia you may order a printed copy of the guide from the Society at a cost of $15 (postage not included) to cover printing and binding costs.

Home-Sense guide for dementia

Last Updated: 12/12/2018