Friendly Visiting Program

Primary Goals & Purpose

  • To provide trained volunteers to engage in meaningful activities with someone living with dementia in the community
  • To provide an opportunity for caregivers to obtain some much needed personal time
  • To increase the involvement in meaningful activities in the lives of individuals living with dementia.
  • To decrease social isolation of individuals living with dementia in the community.


  • Individuals living with dementia in the community already connected to our Family Support Program or Intensive Program
  • An individual who demonstrates a decrease in social involvement and engagement
  • An individual withdrawing from community-based activities
  • An individual who would benefit from participating in meaningful activities

Intake & Match Process

  1. Your counsellor completes a volunteer request form and forwards to the Coordinator of Volunteer Programs
  2. The individual with dementia is placed on a waiting list
  3. Matches are made according to length on waiting list, location, interest match and preferences
  4. Your counsellor will contact you when a volunteer match has been selected to arrange for a match meeting

What to Expect

  • All volunteers will be cleared through a vulnerable sector police check and will have completed our Volunteer Training Program
  • We ask that our volunteers spend a minimum of one hour a week with a person with dementia. The time and dates of the visits will be established mutually between the individual living with dementia, the caregiver, and the volunteer.
  • Friendly Visiting volunteers are not permitted to perform personal care duties or be responsible for the care of the client. Friendly Visiting volunteers should not be left alone in the home with persons who would not normally be left on their own.

Please note: Due to the nature of this program, clients should expect to wait 6-9 months before the right volunteer is found to match the needs, interests and preferences of the individual with dementia.

Last Updated: 12/06/2018