Theresa Caines CD

Music to support the fight against Alzheimer's

The CD's listed below are available at the Alzheimer Society to support the fight against the disease. Contact us to learn where to get yours.

Peace in Harmony

Composed by Marjorie Pike

An original classical album of beautiful dinner music composed by Marjorie Pike before Alzheimer's disease affected her. Produced by Brian Way (exec. produced Andrew Pike)

Both NL Arts Council grant awarded and NL Arts & lettters award winning!

Marjorie Pike's music can also be purchased from CD Baby.

Music Forever

By Theresa Kennedy Caines

Theresa's music was made in memory of her family that has been touched by Alzheimer’s disease. The proceeds from the sale of her CD will be used to fund Alzheimer’s research. Her album includes the following songs:

  1. I gave my wedding dress away
  2. Beside you
  3. Kisses on occasion
  4. I can't help wondering
  5. Between two trees
  6. I'll be all smiles tonight
  7. Within this broken heart of mine
  8. My used to be darling
  9. Denim blue eyes
  10. You and me
  11. Atta way to go
  12. You can't conceal a broken heart
  13. After all these years
  14. What I believe dear is all up to you
  15. All the time
  16. Cowboy's sweetheart

Last Updated: 11/08/2017