Learning Series Session Outline

Here are the sessions, in order, that are covered during the learning series. If you would like a more detailed explanation please contact our provincial office.

First Steps

Memory Loss & the Brain:

We will be discussing reversible and irreversible changes in thinking, risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, treatments & more!

Communication & Coping Strategies:

We will be discussing reacting to the diagnosis, communicating the diagnosis, changes in communication & more! 

Navigating the System:

We will be providing information on regional, community & Alzheimer Society programs and services!

Legal & Financial Matters:

We will be discussing legal matters such as arranging your estate, wills, power of attorney, advance health care directives & more!

Resources & Support:

We will be discussing how to identify your support systems, working with your doctor/pharmacist, caregiver stress & wellness & more!

Care Essentials

What to Expect:

We will be discussing facts about Alzheimer's disease, different stages of the disease, drug treatment options & more! 

Understanding Behaviours:

We will be discussing anticipatory grief, the impact of grief, taking care of yourself & more!

Day-to-Day Care:

We will be discussing steps to good communication, activities of daily living, choosing activities, approaches to care & more! 

The Caregiver Journey:

We will be discussing caregiver challenges, making decision for your loved one, sources of stress, strategies for reducing caregiver stress & more!

Options for Care

When Care Needs are Increasing:

We will be discussing housing & care transitions, how to know that you need help, types of support & more! 

The Long Term Care Process:

We will be discussing steps in the long term care process such as making the decision, consent and eligibility!

The Day of Placement:

We will be discussing making the decision, ways to cope, the caregiver’s role & more!

Care in the Later Stages

Advanced Dementia:

We will be discussing what to expect with the natural progression of Alzheimer's disease & other dementias, 10 questions about end of life care & more!

Pain & Distress:

We will be discussing quality of life, pain in advanced dementia, managing pain & more!

Understanding Grief:

We will be discussing anticipatory grief, the impact of grief, taking care of yourself & more!

Learning Series Session Outline

Last Updated: 11/08/2017