Let Us Help You Understand

Not everyone with dementia is able to tell us what their life is like, how they are experiencing the symptoms, and what they do to compensate for their changing abilities.

So when someone is able to, and is willing to share their stories and struggles publicly, that is a real gift - an invaluable gift.

The following series of videos are called “Help You Understand” and feature two remarkable women living with dementia - Sandra and Marilyn - who are strong advocates for people living with dementia.

Sandra and Marilyn have generously participated in the making of the videos and it’s their hope that you will gain a better understanding of dementia and be better prepared to help support individuals living with the disease.

Let Us Help You Understand

Chapter 1 - Getting a Diagnosis of Dementia

Chapter 2 - Day to Day Strategies

Chapter 3 - Friendship, Advocacy and Moving Forward

Chapter 4 - Stigma, Advocacy and a New Chapter

Last Updated: 12/05/2018