The Policy Governance Model was adopted by the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia in 2007 to provide a vehicle that enables the Board of Directors to delegate with clarity, empowers management and evaluates the Society, essentially leading the organization into the future. 

We have eliminated most of our Board committees, moving them to operations, thereby making them accountable to the Executive Director. The Board has retained few committees including executive and audit and nominating. We have clarified who is responsible to the Board and for what Board expectations they are accountable. The Executive Director is directly responsible to the Board and is the sole person who provides reports on operations.

We have developed deliverables (ENDS) that define our organizational purpose from all other organizational issues (MEANS), placing primary importance on the ENDS.

Evaluation of our efforts is based upon answers to the question "Have our expectations been met within the limitations that have been prescribed ?" 

We currently are in the process of developing our monitoring for compliance process - the true test of the value of the model.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017