Volunteer Recognition

The Society recognizes the critical importance of volunteers, and acknowledges their contributions in meaningful ways.

Each spring, the Society presents Service awards at a Volunteer Recognition Reception.

We also like to be aware of external volunteer recognition opportunities, which recognize the outstanding contribution of volunteers to the community.

The 2016 Volunteer reception was held in honour of volunteers who have been with us for 5 to 25+ years. Below you will find a picture of volunteers in attendance as well as a full list of volunteers being recognized.

Thank you for your dedication to ASNS!


From left: ASNS Executive Director Lloyd Brown, volunteers Justin McDonough and Pat Miller, the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia the Honourable J.J. Grant, volunteers Devin MacEachern and Marjorie Sullivan and ASNS President Dean Gale 


 5 year

 Devin MacEachern

Heidi Muise

Marjorie Sullivan



10 year

Sherry Johnson

Mary MacLellan

Judy Miller

Richard Neidermayer

Carole Young

 15 year

Chris MacKnight

Tracie Sarsfield-Turner

Fred and Ann West



20 year

Pat Miller

Janet Rowe



 25+ year

Justin McDonough




Last Updated: 11/08/2017