Have You Noticed?

Have You Noticed?
By: Sarah Lyon
Director, Philanthropy

all warning sign 2017 big banner

Happy New Year! Each January brings new beginnings and it brings Alzheimer Awareness Month.

In 2017 we are asking you to make a resolution: to not let dementia be silenced anymore!

How can you do that? Three ways we can think of (and you can tweet/Facebook us other suggestions!)

1. Talking about the first time you noticed someone might be showing a sign of dementia

How? Tweet or Facebook the first time you saw a sign of dementia and add: #iNoticedWhen. Follow that tag to read when others first noticed. Together we can break the silence around dementia!

2. Learn the 10 signs of dementia & be patient & be kind & be respectful

How? Visit www.tenwarningsigns.ca and learn what the 10 signs are and some common associated behaviors.

If you run into someone, on the bus, at the coffee shop, in the library, that may be exhibiting one of the signs, be patient with them. There are several reasons they may be having trouble, but being kind and respectful will help them in that moment.

3. Know the Signs. Visit your Doctor. Call us.

How? Know the signs and recognize that something might be effecting your abilities or someone that you know? Visit your doctor. Have questions about dementia? Call the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia’s toll free and confidential InfoLine at 1-800-611-634.

Last Updated: 10/17/2018