Leave a Legacy

Join 140 Nova Scotians who have left a gift in their will

Written by: Marni Tuttle, CFRE

Picture a night, late in Nova Scotia’s spring when the weather is not yet nice, but 3-year-olds have started to have difficulty heading to bed while the sun is still up. To settle in for the night this 3-year-old has chosen storytime with the book, The Library by Sarah Stewart.

The book is about Elizabeth Brown. It seems young Elizabeth Brown doesn't like to play with dolls and she doesn’t like to skate. What she does like to do is read books. Lots of books. She loves to read. But by the time she’s grown up her library has taken over her house. She can't even use her front door anymore. There is not room for one more book.

And what’s someone to do with a wealth books and passion to share? She donates her collection to the town, turns her home into a public library and, - of course - continues to read voraciously.

Sarah Stewart’s story is beautiful. It touched me personally because I have the opportunity to meet people who are deciding their legacy. Choosing what mattered to them and how they will share their passion.

I love that our semi-fictional Elizabeth Brown creates her library in her lifetime so she can share in the joy she’s created. Few of us can make a gift that significant when we’re around to see the change it makes. But all of us can have the opportunity to share the story of what mattered to us with a gift in our will.

May is Leave a Legacy Month. Leave a Legacy wants every Nova Scotians to know the personal and financial benefits of leaving a gift for their charities of choice in their will. Preparing an estate plan that includes a charitable gift provides tremendous personal satisfaction and significant tax benefits for people just like you.

At the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, the 140 people that believed passionately in improving life for all on the dementia journey have given in their will gifts from $100 to over $1M. Since 1993 those donations have totaled over $4.45M. The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia is indebted to those 140 people who wanted to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow. They have changed lives across our province.

If you would like to learn how you can make a gift in your will, please contact me at [email protected] or 902-422-7961. Let me know if you have already made a gift, too. I want to make sure we’re using your gift as you planned.

And I think that there is wisdom in stories. If you’d like to start to teach the young loved ones in your life about the importance of philanthropy read them Sarah Stewart’s The Library. It’s an excellent bedtime read. With a lesson that will help them understand, many years from now, why you made a gift in your will.

Benefits of leaving a charitable bequest

A gift in your Will has many practical benefits that allow you to meet your own, unique financial needs and define your legacy:

• It’s simple: Leaving a gift in your Will is easy to arrange.
• It’s flexible: A gift in your Will can be made no matter how old you are or how much you have to give.
• It has tax advantages: A gift in your Will is a highly effective way to reduce taxes on your estate after death.
• It has a lasting impact: Leaving a charitable gift in your Will gives you the satisfaction that the areas you felt strongly about in your lifetime will continue to receive support, even after you’re gone.
• It’s personalized: You can make a general gift, or choose to designate it to a specific program such as education, awareness, or caregiver support.

How to leave a gift in your Will

For help in preparing your gift, please consult your legal advisor and/or financial planner. Your advisor will need the following information:

Legal Name: Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia
Charitable Registration Number: 10670 5379 RR0001
Contact: Marni Tuttle, Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia | 902-422-7961 or toll free within Nova Scotia 1-800-611-6345 | [email protected]

Last Updated: 10/17/2018