Mothers and in our case Daughters

Mothers and in our case, Daughters

By Sarah Lyon, Director of Philanthropy


The floral scent of flowers wafting in the air, a card with a heartfelt message standing next to it; there will be profile pictures changed on Facebook and I’m sure a hashtag used. On Sunday we here in Canada celebrate women who hold the title of “mother.”

I use quotes because for you, that special lady could be your biological mother, adopted, or step mother. Maybe she’s a woman who holds a mother like role in your life. She might be your grandmother, your mother in law. She might be you, a mother.

In Canada, 72% of those living with Alzheimer’s disease, are women. And 70% of caregivers, are women. In our office, about 85% of the employees are you guessed it, women. In our world, we are lucky to be surrounded by strong, passionate, caring, women.

She might be the grandmother who is living with dementia while enjoying time with her grandchildren. Or a daughter, who is balancing being a caregiver to someone with dementia, while taking care of her family. Or she might be the full time employee who is a partner to someone with dementia.

When I spoke with the women here at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia about mothers, I noticed immediately how enriched their lives were/are because of mothers. I asked them to share with you their thoughts:

“I am thankful for this special lady, my mom, who is always there to support me and all my endeavours. I hope on Mother’s Day and throughout the year I show her that I appreciate her.”

“My mom is my best friend, I can’t say enough good things about her. When something happens, she is the first person I call. We chat every day.”

“I am so thrilled that my daughter made me a mom. It continues to be the best experience of my life.”

“My favorite Mother’s Day memory is the brunch that my sister and I hold for our mother and her mother in law. We have a tea party with dainty sandwiches and sweet desserts. Just the four women around the table.”

“Now that I am older, we are closer and I appreciate her and all she does, so thank you mom.”

My mom is a strong woman with a big heart who inspires me daily.”

For myself, working at the Alzheimer Society for almost nine years now, seeing what families go through on the dementia journey, I have found my relationship with my own mother, grandmother and the women I hold in a mother type role, has deepened.

This Mother’s Day I will be thinking about them, but also about all those women and men out there who are on the dementia journey with a mother. If you are visiting your mom, and she may not remember that you visited, you should know that being with her is a gift in itself to you both. Remember the ways that she is special and the special relationship you have with her.  

If you are spending Sunday in remembrance of your mother, our thoughts are with you.

To all those out there that play or have played a “mother” role in our lives, this weekend we want to thank and honour you. Join us in doing so, by making a donation in the name of the mother in your life. Please visit us here to do so.


Last Updated: 10/17/2018