This is Why

This Is Why

By Amanda Mueller, Coordinator of Communications


The city of Halifax is in full swing celebrating Pride Week. And this weekend we’re celebrating right along with it! We are very excited to be participating in the Pride Parade on Saturday. Our team of staff and volunteers are part of an amazing community, that extends far beyond the dementia and health community. We will be out in our brightest gear, handing out some fun swag and candy (Sugar free of course!)


In preparation for the weekend, we’ve been talking around the water cooler about what pride means to us and here is what some of us had to say!


Pride is about…


- showing support in our communities, being there for one another and accepting everyone. It’s about coming together and celebrating who we are!


- acceptance, being proud of who you are, being with likeminded people and supporting the people you love.


-  embracing who you are, being wholeheartedly yourself and helping others embrace who they are!


-  a community with the LGBTQ+ crowd at the centre of it and it’s a time for all us to come together with love and support. I love our city and its rainbow sidewalks because it shows acceptance.


-  feeling good in your own skin.




- progress and acceptance of people expressing who they are.


- our community and I’m SO happy that ASNS is taking part!


- a welcoming celebration of inclusion.


- inclusion, openness, and awareness of current and historic barriers LGBTQ+ persons experience when accessing services. As service providers, we need to try and not make assumptions, and create a safe place where people can be themselves without judgement while accessing information and resources. We need to continue to listen and learn in order to support our clients.


- a celebration of what makes you YOU.


This is why we can’t wait to participate in the parade and see everyone’s happy faces on Saturday. Watch out for #TeamAlzheimers!




Last Updated: 10/17/2018