Lift Up Our Community this Giving Tuesday

We are exposed to thousands – some research says 10,000 – marketing messages each day. Big companies buying ads on TV, radio, newspapers, online, billboards, and sending flyers to your mailboxes. Marketing the latest car, burger meal deal, or banking options. When you have a limited budget it’s hard to squeeze a message into this expensive atmosphere. Even more so if you are a charity.

Who better to be part of the marketing messages than the organizations we have in Nova Scotia trying to solve the social, environmental, and health problems many in our province are facing and fighting?

That’s why after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, comes Giving Tuesday, a global movement considered the kick-off to the holiday giving season. After two days of shopping for ourselves or others, it is a day marketed to bring awareness to the philanthropic community – and all the good work that is done every day because of the generosity of donors.

In our province, it is estimated that there are over 8,000 organizations that rely on the philanthropy of Nova Scotians. From volunteering to donating, the work to help our fellow neighbours in their time of need, to fight climate change, to cure diseases, to educate, to save animals – and so much more – is a big task; and one that the approximately 36,000 employees of charities and non-profits in Nova Scotia, can’t do alone.

So when you open your email today after two days of very heavy marketing and you see many subject lines with, It’s Giving Tuesday, please donate! you may think, oh no, another special marketed day. But today, it’s so much more. It is a day to give back. To give a gift that won’t sit on a shelf, but one that will lift up our communities.

And that, should be a message we all hear, see, and buy in to.  

If you’d like to support Nova Scotians on the dementia journey this Giving Tuesday, you can donate by calling 1-800-611-6345 or online here.

Last Updated: 12/03/2019