Research in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, we celebrate, support and promote local research.

During Awareness Month in January, notable Nova Scotian researchers and their findings are the focus of our Awareness Breakfasts in Halifax and Sydney.

The Society is also a proud supporter of the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank. It's purpose is to collect brain tissues and make them available for researchers in Canada and internationally, who are trying to better understand the causes of dementia. Understanding the causes may help us find more effective treatments for dementia in the future.

Finally, we look to encourage the researchers of tomorrow. The Phyllis Horton and Abe Leventh Student Research Awards are awarded annually by the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia to a student (undergraduate, graduate, medical) in Nova Scotia who is interested in pursuing research in Alzheimer's disease or other dementias.

Through these partnerships, we can review research opportunities, promote research to the public and make recommendations for future research activities. Research provides us with Hope for Tomorrow. 

Last Updated: 03/09/2020