Virtual Artful Afternoon

We are excited to share that our dementia-friendly art program, Artful Afternoon, is going virtual!

Join us May 3rd for our first virtual Afternoon Session exploring the historical genre of ‘still life’ art! The session will be pre-recorded and posted here so that you can participate at a time that works for you. With the guidance of an artist from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, you will have the chance to use various techniques and create your own ‘still life’ scenes from objects and scenes in your home.

Session 1: Re-Imagining the 'Still Life' Lesson Plan 


We look forward to seeing your artwork!

  • If you’re on Facebook, we welcome you to share photos of your work and tag the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia 
  • If you do not have Facebook, or if you would like to share them anonymously, please to send them by email to [email protected]

Last Updated: 05/14/2020