Activities for kids

Although your grandparent may seem different, she still wants to have fun and spend time with you. You just need the right activities. Here are some suggestions for what to do when you spend time together. Remember that even though the person will forget a lot, she will always feel your love and kindness.
  • Do household chores together, such as folding laundry, raking leaves or washing dishes
  • Listen to music, dance or sing.
  • Look through old photos. Be sure to say "tell me more" when he talks about a memory.
  • Read a favourite book or newspaper.
  • Make a family tree.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Keep a journal together.
  • Plant a herb garden in window sill pots 
  • Remember past events. People with Alzheimer's disease like to remember things that happened a long time ago.
  • Make a memory box filled with objects that help you both remember the fun times you had together.
  • Make a scrapbook.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017