Meet Gail Tucker

Walk for Alzheimer's 2017 Hall of Fame

After Gail Tucker began dating her now-husband, she started getting curious about the Walk for Alzheimer’s.

“It was a Saturday I was working, and he went off to this Walk. The next year I thought ‘if I’m not working, I’ll come too!’ That’s how I started. And now it’s been every year since,” she said.

That was close to 15 years ago.

Gail now has a collection of T-shirts, teddy bears, and a lanyard covered in her “600 Club” pins. She saves the memorabilia from the Walk that she designates her as a top donor.

Now that she’s a veteran of the event, Gail can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Last year she had just gotten out of the hospital, but she still came to the Walk. She even bakes treats to make the event a little sweeter.

“In January, it’s the after-Christmas blahs, so it’s a great time,” Gail said.

She recalled one year when a huge snowstorm kept some volunteers from making it to the Walk. Gail and her husband became walkers, volunteers, and educators that year, helping to set-up the event and working the education table.

“Now we’ve been doing the door prize table,” she said of recent years.

The couple volunteers for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford in a number of capacities, manning tables at Streetfest and other events, and supporting the golf tournament during its tenure. Gail’s husband is also a volunteer companion.

Both feel strongly that it’s an organization worth supporting.

“The money stays here, stays local, and funds local programs,” Gail said.

“And the staff here are caring and dedicated. You’re always appreciated.”

Last Updated: 11/08/2017