Meet Brent Thompson


When the Alzheimer Society of Oxford approached Woodstock’s Unifor Local 636 about participating in the 2018 Walk for Alzheimer’s, it didn’t take much convincing. 

Unifor locals across the province  have been taking part in the Walk for Alzheimer’s in tribute to Bob White, a prominent leader in the Canadian labour movement who had Alzheimer’s and died in 2017. 

For Unifor Local 636 President Brent Thompson, it’s a cause and man worth marching for. 

“Bob White was probably the greatest labour-friendly union leader any union could ever have. He fought for all workers’ rights, union or non-union,” Brent says. “He was always the first person to put his feet to the streets and go out and help … He was just an amazing leader.”

Brent says Bob, who was the founding president of the Canadian Auto Workers labour union, spent a lot of time participating in many social and community events. Bob was also a Woodstock resident.   

This year, 12 people from Local 636 participated in the Walk for Alzheimer’s on Team Bob White. Bob’s sister, who lives in London, walked alongside them. 

“It was fantastic. It was just a good time,” Brent says, and the team felt good about being able to raise a substantial amount of money for the Alzheimer Society. 

It’s a cause that speaks for itself, he says. With the prevalence of the disease, Brent knows the importance of raising awareness and funds. 

“So many families are affected by the disease. The Walk for Alzheimer’s is a great way to get out and raise awareness in the community and be part of such a great organization.”

Brent and the Unifor Local 636 team are looking forward to participating in the Walk for Alzheimer’s again in 2019. There is one thing they plan to change though: They want to raise even more money this year. 

Last Updated: 12/12/2018