Meet Henriette MacArthur


Henriette MacArthur was at the very first Walk for Alzheimer’s in Woodstock, held 25 years ago at the Oxford Auditorium. Now, as a staff member, she helps run them. 

Henriette has been a Fundraising Assistant at the Alzheimer Society for the past year, but has decades of volunteer experience with the organization. 

She started off as a Volunteer Companion 26 years ago. 

“I was interested in working with this population of people and saw the need in our community for support of those people as well as their caregivers and families,” Henriette says. “When someone is diagnosed, there is a ripple effect a large circle of people around them needing support as well.”      

This need for support has been rapidly growing, Henriette says. Her desire to help those affected in her community has also fuelled her involvement in the Walk for Alzheimer’s. She was involved as a participant and as a volunteer before starting as a staff member. 

It’s important to her that the money raised for the Walk for Alzheimer’s addresses the support needs in her community. 

“I know 100% of the money I raise stays in Oxford County and I know first-hand that the Alzheimer Society takes great care in the spending of that money,” Henriette says. “I love that it is such a positive event and it’s clear to see at the Walk that the people truly support and care about each other.”

Last Updated: 12/13/2018