Shoppers Drug mart

“We’ve been sponsors of the Walk for many years, and we find Alzheimer’s affects a lot of our clients and their families. It also affects a lot of our staff and their families. So we feel that, being health care providers, Alzheimer’s and dementia (issues) are a very good sponsorship opportunity for us to support.”

“The Alzheimer Society of Oxford is doing so many good things. I love the group sessions for caregivers, who tend to get forgotten about, and I love the volunteers that go out to homes and sit with people so the caregivers can go get groceries, or do what they have you.”

“I just know that they are really taking good care of our families that are affected by Alzheimer’s – not just the person with the diagnosis, but the whole family.”

All quotes from Lisa Silverthorne, Pharmacy Owner at Shoppers Drug Mart East End.

Image: Lisa Silverthorne

Last Updated: 11/08/2017