Meet the Holbroughs


When Carmen Holbrough was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he and his wife, Noreen, very quickly became involved with the Alzheimer Society of Oxford. Noreen began hosting Coffee Breaks to help raise funds for the Society, while Carmen fundraised for the Walk, with both he and Noreen attending their first Walk last year in Ingersoll.

Noreen says, “The Walk is a good community event – it’s nice to socialize with other clients and families who are living with dementia and going through many of the same struggles we are. It is a fun event. The Lights of Hope part of the Walk is an opportunity to think of others, like our best friend who is now in a nursing home, Carm’s mother, who also had dementia, and lots of others. It’s a reflective time”.

Noreen goes on to say that she thinks it is super to see the community support at the Walk, and the event provides another way for visibility and awareness about the disease.

Noreen encourages others to participate in the Walk for Alzheimers, saying simply, “Come, observe, learn”.

In addition to helping fundraise for the Society, both Carmen and Noreen are very involved in the Intergenerational Choir, made up of individuals with dementia and their care providers, volunteers from the Alzheimer Society, and young people from a local elementary school. Carmen sings in the choir, while Noreen, with a committee of three, does all the organizational work, arranging the accompanist, director, music, and doing all the communication between the principal at the school, the Alzheimer Society, etc.

Thank you Carmen and Noreen, for all you do – your diligent work on behalf of the Alzheimer Society of Oxford is so very much appreciated!

Last Updated: 11/08/2017