Meet Heather

Heather Wilson Boast 

Heather Wilson-Boast and her husband, Charlie, have lots of reasons to participate in the Walk for Alzheimer’s. They started attending the Ingersoll Walk four years ago, because Heather’s Dad had Alzheimer’s disease. Heather had been told about the Walk, and what a wonderful experience it was, by her cousin, who attended the Walks as a volunteer for the St. John’s Ambulance, who are always present at the Walks, in case an emergency arises. The first year they participated, it was just Heather and Charlie, but then it became a family affair.

Heather and Charlie, and their family, have continued to participate, as Charlie is now also living with Alzheimer’s disease. Heather says they keep coming every year because “it’s fun – it really is a good time, and it’s also a family event that we can do together, and while participating we feel the support of the community and a get a renewed sense of hope”.

The highlight of the Walk each year for Heather is the “Lights of Hope”, where walkers carry a candle and walk in memory or in honour of someone they know/knew with the disease. Heather feels this is very emotional, brings a lot of memories, and also a sense of hope that a cure will be found.

Heather finds the support of so many members of the community, all raising money at the Walk, very reassuring, and reinforces the sense of not being alone, but being on this journey together.

Heather would encourage anyone who hasn’t attended a Walk to come out and give it a try – she thinks they will find it’s a lot of fun. They’ll meet lots of people to share stories, feel a sense of community and have a good time. Heather’s three year old granddaughter said she liked the dancing at the Walk and can’t wait to go again!

Thank you, Heather and Charlie, for all you do for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford!

Last Updated: 11/08/2017