A spooky Hallowe’en Coffee Break

Picture of Marg Ebare

Not all heroes wear costumes. But when she’s hosting a Coffee Break, Margaret Ebare does. 

For the past three years, Margaret and her friend Debbie have been hosting Halloween Coffee Break fundraisers for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford. 

Their first Coffee Break was a Mad Hatter tea party in 2014. They’ve also hosted an Addams Family reunion and a witch-themed fundraiser. 

With a pot of tea, some sweet treats and a pointed hat or two, they’ve been able to raise money for the Alzheimer Society while having a good laugh with friends. 

“Because we do a themed one, it’s great to see who’s going to dress up, how they dress up and then after we’ve done the cleanup at night, we get to sit and then it’s like, ‘wow, we raised this much money for the Alzheimer Society!’” 

Margaret started hosting Coffee Breaks because she wanted to give back to the organization that helped her and her husband after he was diagnosed with dementia. 

Along with raising money, she says the get-togethers are a great opportunity to explain how the Alzheimer Society supports dementia sufferers and their families. 

Margaret raves about the work the Alzheimer Society does in the community, from handing out pamphlets to educating people. Coffee Breaks give her the opportunity to share those resources with people who may be looking for help.  

“It’s fun. It’s worthwhile. We had a great time, the years we did it. It’s just wonderful, and the people who came had a great time,” she says. 

While Margaret and Debbie have co-hosted Coffee Breaks for 20-30 costumed people, Margaret wants others to know the fundraisers don’t have to be elaborate. 

“You can invite five or six friends just to sit in your house or on your deck in the nice weather,” she suggests. 

This year, Margaret is going to do the Woodstock Walk for Alzheimer’s with her granddaughter instead, but she hopes more people will jump in and host Coffee Breaks.  

“I encourage people because it is such a good cause and the Alzheimer Society is a wonderful organization,” she says. “So if you can do a Coffee Break and raise a couple of dollars along the way to help with them, then that’s the way to do it.”

Last Updated: 08/08/2018