Why just stop at one Coffee Break?

Picture of Val Easton
When Val Easton hosts a Coffee Break, she defies expectations. 

Think less coffee and cookies, more wine and cheese and sweets and dips and – well, let’s just say it’s always a party. 

Val is a Coffee Break veteran. She started hosting the fundraisers about 18 years ago at the school where she worked. 

After she retired in 2011, she brought the party home and multiplied it, hosting separate Coffee Breaks for different groups of friends and family. 

Raising money for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford, which she admires “so very, very much,” gives her a great opportunity to spoil her friends.

The elaborate get-togethers take a lot of work and planning. But Val relishes the time spent entertaining friends and family – and she knows her efforts pay off for the Alzheimer Society. 

“The more fuss I make, the more generous my friends are,” Val says, laughing. “There’s method to my madness!

It’s a fundraiser she feels comfortable with, because she’s able to offer something to the people she’s asking for donations from. 

Val’s parties are a tribute to her mother-in-law, who loved entertaining and cooking for family. She lived with Alzheimer’s for 20 years, becoming closed off to her loved ones several years after her diagnosis. 

“As you can imagine, it got more brutal as the years went on. It was very hard, very hard. So it’s nice to brush that aside and think to her happier times when she was hosting big family dinners on a Sunday,” Val says.

The annual fall fundraisers also give Val and her friends, many of whom are busy with grandkids, a chance to catch up. They now look forward to the annual tradition as a guaranteed time to see one another. 

This year, Val’s hosting four separate Coffee Breaks for different friends and family. 

“It’s a really good excuse to encourage your friends to set aside the time and come,” she says. “And I’m a very social person, so this is the kind of fundraiser that I just love.”

Last Updated: 08/08/2018