The Simplicity of Coffee Break is a Great Fit for Carol


It was during a church choir rehearsal for the song “Dream Small” by Josh Wilson that Carol Harrison had a realization: she was ready to do her part to support the Alzheimer Society of Oxford. 

“The Alzheimer Society has been so supportive during our journey with my mother, who now lives in long-term care. As a family member, I felt I needed to give back in a material way,” Carol says. 

Carol decided to host a Coffee Break for the Alzheimer Society. She felt the simplicity of the fundraiser would be a good fit for her. 

The Alzheimer Society provided display materials for the Coffee Break, as well as coffee donated by Tim Horton’s. Carol also served tea and water, and a homemade loaf cake. She gave our chocolate-covered spoons from Habitual Chocolate as a thank you to the seven people who came. 

For Carol, it was an easy, inexpensive event to host. She liked that it required minimal commitment from her guests, too. They dropped in over an hour-and-a-half period on a Tuesday morning. 

“Even though we are neighbours and friends, months can go by without our paths crossing,” she says. “It was fun to introduce people and listen to the conversations erupt.”

Carol would recommend other Coffee Break hosts share their personal experiences, which she found to be an effective way to raise support for the Alzheimer Society. It helps donors identify with the fundraisers. 

She also recommends drawing on the Alzheimer Society’s Coffee Break resources binder, whose advice to “keep it simple” was helpful for her. 

Encouraged by the success of her first Coffee Break, Carol is looking forward to hosting again next year. 

Last Updated: 12/10/2018