Meet Jan Vleuten

Jan Vleuten

A sister, a cousin, and four aunts and uncles: Alzheimer’s has touched many people in Jan Vleuten’s family.

The experience of seeing so many of his family members live with the disease motivated Jan to get involved in the Walk for Alzheimer’s four or five years ago. He’s walked every year since. 

“It’s a bad disease,” Jan says, and he wants to help people who are living with it.  

Jan knows how hard the disease can be not just for those who are diagnosed, but for the family members who care for them. 

His sister had Alzheimer’s for 20 years before she died. It was a challenging time for her husband, who was her caregiver. 

The Walk has given Jan an opportunity to support a cause that matters deeply to him. He feels good about where the money is going and gets pleasure from “doing a good deed.” Jan has also met new people by participating in the Walk. 

“Somebody has to do it, and I know that they need a lot of money,” he says.

Jan looks to the seniors centre he’s a part of, as well as friends, for donations. And he knows he can always rely on his children for their support. 

At 80 years old, Jan is as motivated as ever to raise money for the Alzheimer Society.   

“One of these days I’ll have to quit I guess, but for a while, I’ll probably keep going.”

Jan is 80 years old and lives in Woodstock. 

Last Updated: 01/11/2018