Meet Jim Owen

Picture of Jim Owen
Jim Owen knows the importance of the Alzheimer Society’s services and programs, and he chooses to participate in the Walk for Alzheimer’s every year. Jim’s wife, Pat, had Alzheimer’s disease and the support he received made a difference for him.
Learning about the difficult situations others faced during support group meetings helped him realize he was not alone. “You’re not alone in the boat,” Jim said. He encourages people who are going through dementia to reach out to the Alzheimer Society so they, too, can realize there are others going through similar circumstances.
Pat Owen started to show signs of dementia when she was in her early 60’s. Pat was an easy- going, pleasant, lovely lady whom everyone liked. She was a mother to four children and worked at Reg Halls and Josephine’s for years before her retirement. Pat working hard.
By 1999, Pat couldn’t be left on her own. “She looked alright but she could not comprehend what was going on around her,” Jim said. Jim sold his business and retired to care for his wife.
Understanding why Pat developed Alzheimer’s disease is still difficult for Jim. “I sometimes wonder why it was her and not me. She didn’t deserve this.”
Having watched his wife go through this disease, Jim worries about his family. “Will my children get it, will my grandchildren get it?” Jim said.
When asked how he feels about raising $5,000 for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford through the Walk for Alzheimer’s, Jim said, “I don’t feel generous enough.”
He is very thankful to the people who have given to him in his fundraising for the Walk for Alzheimer’s over the years.
Jim encourages others to fundraise for the Alzheimer Society and to come to the Walk for Alzheimer’s. “It takes money to run anything. Organizations that provide services require money.”

Last Updated: 01/25/2018