Meet Karen Walton

Karen Walton
Karen Walton had been donating to the Walk for Alzheimer’s well before she started to walk herself. But after she began working at the Alzheimer Society of Oxford, she jumped at the opportunity to get involved at a deeper level.
Karen, the Alzheimer Society’s manager of finance and administration, has been a part of the staff Walk team for the past four years.
“It’s been great. I’ve enjoyed it,” she says.
Participating in the Walk – as a fundraiser and volunteer – is a way to help support the amazing work her co-workers do, from individual counselling to support groups.
“I’m not educated in dementia care or anything like our program staff are, but if I can support the program staff – I see them at work, I see the difference that they make in people’s lives, and it’s very inspiring – so if I can help support that through the Walk, then that’s an easy thing to do,” she says.
With her husband’s help, Karen turns to friends and family to support her fundraising. She also finds e-mail a useful tool for reaching out to acquaintances, including people she’s volunteered with in other areas.
“They can decide to support the Walk or not. It’s easy for them. It’s not like a face-to-face ask.”
At the Walk, Karen appreciates the opportunity to connect with people supporting the Alzheimer Society in person. Helping out at the money table each year gives her the chance to greet all the walkers as they arrive.
“It’s really great to see all the different demographics that come out and help support the Walk,” she says.
She was also involved in the inaugural silent auction at last year’s Walk, which will be back again this year.
Karen will be walking for a fifth time in 2018, and she’s already hard at work fundraising. While she normally waits until the holidays are over, she got her first donation in December.
She would like to see more people get involved in the event. It’s a worthy cause that’s easy to support, she says – a win for everyone involved.
“We just see the statistics and then how many people need help, and I just think our staff does an amazing job of programming and supporting people going through the journey.”
Karen Walton is from Embro.

Last Updated: 01/11/2018