Meet Lisa Green

picture of Lisa Green
If there’s one thing that keeps Lisa Green coming back to the Walk for Alzheimer’s year after year, it’s the incredible electricity that courses through the event.
Lisa has been volunteering as the money table supervisor for the past 20 years. It’s given her a front-row seat to the dedication of the many repeat walkers and volunteers.
“For me, it’s exhilarating when people start flooding in and bringing the money that they’ve raised, and the enthusiasm they have and the music that’s going on, it’s a real energy through the building for sure,” she says.
Lisa got involved in the Walk thanks to her sister, Alzheimer Society Executive Director Shelley Green. Shelley’s work made her more interested in supporting what she already thought was a good cause.
With her decades of fundraising experience, Lisa has built up a dedicated following of people who are happy to open their wallets when she’s looking for pledges each year. She now does her fundraising online through the Alzheimer Society website.
Lisa finds the Walk is a great opportunity to get out in the community during a dreary time of year. It offers something for everyone – from a group physical activity such as Zumba, to face painting for kids, to food for all the walkers, she says. While it takes place in January, it’s held indoors so that everyone can safely participate.
It takes many volunteers to make the event such a success, and the Alzheimer Society’s high level of organization helps ensure their time is well spent. Each volunteer has a particular role to play and is given clear instructions, Lisa says.
Whether for event participants or volunteers, at the Walk or at the Alzheimer Society office, Lisa says the welcoming staff create a positive environment.
“There’s just not a person that works at the Alzheimer Society that’s not a pleasure to deal with,” she says. “It really invites you to want to help out with such a worthy cause … you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who would say that their time was not well used and that they were not received very warmly.”
With her long-standing commitment and enthusiasm, there’s no doubt Lisa is also part of what makes the Walk such an amazing event to support.

Last Updated: 01/19/2018