Meet Zoey Papadakos

Zoey Papadakos

Zoey Papadakos was barely walking when she did her first Walk for Alzheimer’s. 

At 14 years old, she’s a Walk veteran, having participated every year since she was a baby. She’s also the youngest ever Walker Wall of Famer.

“I feel really proud. I’ve worked really hard raising money each year and it makes me happy.”

While Zoey has always participated with her family, she struck out to do her own fundraising when she was nine years old. 

Each year, she asks family members to support her fundraising efforts – in person for those who live nearby, and online for her family up north. She also puts up a pledge sheet up at her family’s Tillsonburg restaurant, Corey’s. It makes it easy for people who want to donate to find her. 

Zoey keeps challenging herself to bring in more money for the Alzheimer Society. She’s trying to beat last year’s total of $1,700 and raise $2,000 this year. 

When the day comes, as always, her mom, dad and brother will be walking alongside her.  

“I think my family really enjoys raising money and going to the Walk,” she says. “We’ve been raising money for so long now that we definitely look forward to it.”

Zoey is walking proof the event is fun for the whole family. She has fond childhood memories of going with her family and her best friend. They’d play games, get balloons from a clown and – of course – walk together.  

Zoey continues to support the Alzheimer Society because she thinks it’s an important cause. She likes that the money raised is used to help people in Oxford County. 

“I think the disease is just horrible, and I don’t think anyone, or anyone’s family, should have to go through it,” she says. “And that’s why I like how the money stays in the community, because it’s going toward people who are suffering through this that are close to us.” 

Zoey Papadakos is 14 and lives in Tillsonburg. 

Last Updated: 01/11/2018