Meet Terry Green

Walk for Alzheimer's 2017 Hall of Fame

Sometimes, tried-and-true methods are the way to go.

Terry Green said his secret to success, the key to raising thousands of dollars for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford, is sticking to what he’s always done.

“I use telephone calls. Some people use emails, but I prefer the personal touch. I’m old-fashioned that way,” he said with a smile.

It sure seems to be working for Green, who first got involved through his daughter, executive director Shelley Green. She remembers her dad doing laps at the very first Walk for Alzheimer’s 23 years ago.

“Being exposed to Shelley, I see the need for people to be supported with this disease. I know the odd person who has dementia but I’ve not been personally exposed like a lot of people have,” Green said.

“But I’ve seen enough of it to know how difficult it must be to go through.”

Green said he understands the impact that Alzheimer Society programs have on families who are dealing with a dementia diagnosis.

“I know it’s a great organization. I know they do so much for so many people, and are so well thought of in the community. Anyone who’s had to avail themselves of their services, I think, would attest to that,” he said.

And Green sees it as a privilege to be able to help keep those programs humming.

“I’ve been blessed to bless others,” he said. “God’s been so good to me, so I feel a responsibility to use whatever gifts I have to help others.”

Last Updated: 11/08/2017