BDO Canada

“BDO has an engagement committee, and each year we determine three local charities that we would sponsor for the year with our $2 jean Friday. We chose Alzheimer Society as one of the three as one of the members has a grandmother who has Alzheimer’s and my mother-in-law also suffers from dementia.
It is a local charity and unfortunately as our population is aging, more people are impacted by dementia. Dementia impacts not only the person suffering, but the whole family and friend circle.
I find that people need more information and understanding on dementia so the person who is dealing with dementia does not feel ostracized and left out. The more information that is known about dementia the better quality of life can be had by all the people impacted by it.”
Dwayne De Vries, BDO Canada
Not only did BDO choose to donate their $2 jean Friday funds to the Alzheimer Society of Oxford, they also are an Event Sponsor of the Walk for Alzheimer’s again this year! Thank you so much BDO!

Last Updated: 01/11/2018