Lawn Lions Property Maintenance

An image of Jeff and Jessie of Lawn Lions Property Maintenance

Returning as a sponsor of the 2019 Walk for Alzheimer’s was an easy choice for Lawn Lions Property Maintenance.

“The Alzheimer Society is a benchmark in our community,” Lawn Lions’ Jeff and Jessie Jarrell say. “The values they represent are in line with ours at Lawn Lions Property Maintenance – especially the Society’s commitment to community.”

Jeff and Jessie also believe strongly that local businesses have a responsibility to help organizations that are working to help their communities. 

By supporting the Alzheimer Society, they know they are helping the organization work toward a future without Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

They would encourage more people and companies get involved with the Walk for Alzheimer’s.

“Your sponsorship and participation is so impactful and life-changing.”

Last Updated: 01/17/2019