Palleck Orthodontics


“When everything had fallen away and she could no longer walk or talk, there was only her radiant spirit, her beautiful heart.”

Sonia Palleck says the woman she was “blessed” to call mom faced Alzheimer’s with grace and beauty. Milena - Millie, as many knew her - passed away on Remembrance Day this year.

To honour the woman who helped so many people during her lifetime, Sonia’s business, Palleck Orthodontics, is sponsoring the 2019 Walk for Alzheimer’s.

Sonia wants to mark her mom’s passing by helping other people who are embarking on what she knows is a difficult journey. Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease, she says, affecting both the body and the mind. With Alzheimer’s rates rising, she also wants to help with the search for a cure.

Sonia says the Alzheimer Society’s services are invaluable to Oxford County. “One cannot estimate what it means to find understanding where there is confusion, to find support when everything feels impossible and to find compassion as we witness the gradual loss of our loved ones,” she says. 

Through Palleck Orthodontics’ sponsorship of the Walk, Sonia is ensuring many more people in Oxford County can get the support and compassion they deserve.

Last Updated: 12/14/2018