Vance Construction


Like many in Oxford County, numerous people who work at Vance Construction have been affected by Alzheimer’s. Some have a loved one fighting the disease, while others have friends or family members who know someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

This strong personal connection was the biggest motivator for Vance Construction’s event sponsorship of the 2019 Walk for Alzheimer’s. 

“Our company has sponsored the Walk in the past and we believe it is important to continue to provide support,” owners Rob Murray and Matt Reissner say. 

After having learned about what the Alzheimer Society does in the community from Executive Director Shelley Green, Vance Construction was eager to help out. They learned that the programs support not only people with dementia, but also their caregivers. Murray and Reissner say the company finds it rewarding to know that their donation is used locally. 

Murray and Reissner would encourage people and businesses to find out how they can support the services that the Alzheimer Society provides to the community. 

“It is very important to get involved either by sponsorship, walking at the event or volunteering one day, as Alzheimer’s may touch you personally.”

Last Updated: 12/14/2018