Yvonne Snyder

Delighted to Donate: Yvonne Snyder

Delighted to Donate

With a wealth of valuable professional and personal experience, buoyed by a passion to assist people in need, Yvonne Synder eagerly embraced the opportunity to become a donor for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford.

“Initially, as a Society employee, my donations came through the payroll system,” she explained. “The funding went to a variety of programs, services and events but when we had the capital campaign for an addition to our building, I asked the money go to that project during the period.” 

“We badly needed space as our staff was growing and also required more room for programming. Other than that specific project, my money generally goes to where it is most needed.”

Yvonne worked for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford for 10 years and, though she retired in August, continues to work one half day a month supporting the staff by gathering statistics and reporting to the government.

Her important roles over the years include being a family support worker, focusing primarily on people in mid-to-later stages of dementia while assisting their families on an individual basis, through educational programs and with groups.

“I saw the whole continuum from when people first came to us concerned about the state of their memory to providing grief support after individuals had passed away,” she said “The Alzheimer Society of Oxford is such a valuable organization so I’m delighted to donate.

“Every day at work I saw and learned more about the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia on so many people. Family members appreciate the support, being able to call us when they were in crisis or simply get some support and we also prepared people for what was to come. The work of this incredibly dedicated staff provided motivation for me to become a donor.”

In search of a worthy organization and cause to support, she decided it would be the Alzheimer Society of Oxford. With her mother suffering from dementia in her later years, there was also a personal perspective.

“I continually saw how hard it is for family members to be supportive and do their very best every day,” she added. “I was in a support role in various capacities for families most of my career with the Society. I felt good helping financially as well as just doing my work.

“Donating is so personal. Often the ones who contribute are those in touch with the Society in a direct, personal way. They may know someone with a friend or family member with a form of dementia. Statistics show it’s a growing concern for those of us aging, everyone for that matter.”

Yvonne describes the organization’s staff as a close and phenomenally supportive group that genuinely cares about people in need, while supporting each other on-the-job on a daily basis.

“I’m still working there from time-to-time because of them and the fact that Executive Director Shelley (Green) is a real leader, strong and tireless, alongside manager Leanne and every single person there. The work of this cohesive, dedicated group is another strong reason why I donate.”

“For those considering a donation to the Alzheimer Society of Oxford, I point to the growing need for ongoing support provided by the organization through education programs and vitally important support services.”

Yvonne also participates in fundraising for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford through the Walk for Alzheimer’s.  She enjoys how the Walk effectively continues to bond people together who have never met before, developing new friendships with the assurance that no one needs to be alone in the struggle. 

“Nearly sixty percent of funding comes from government sources so that means another 40 percent must be fundraised,” she says. “Donations are very much needed and appreciated by the board of directors and staff as they work diligently to raise these funds.

“Every year the Society’s staff bands together with office volunteers to form a team for the annual Walk. Last year this unit raised $23,500 so I’m happy to be onboard in 2020 in a bid to surpass that number. I will continue to contribute whenever and wherever I can.”

Last Updated: 01/08/2020