Why I Volunteer: Meet Bobbi

Picture of Bobbi Moore

When Bobbi Moore’s mom was living with Alzheimer’s, she became intimately familiar with the challenges caregiving can bring. 

They lived in different cities, and it wasn’t always easy to get her mom out of the house as often as she wanted to. 

Now, through the Alzheimer Society’s Volunteer Companion Program, Bobbi is able to help people dealing with similar situations. For a couple hours once a week, she spends time with her match, a person who has been diagnosed with dementia. Bobbi has been matched with seven people since she started volunteering in 2006. 

“I like meeting different people. I love helping the elderly,” she says. It makes the program a great fit. 

Bobbi finds the program means a lot to caregivers. Even though it’s for a short period of time, she knows from experience how helpful it can be to have a break. 

With her current match, they often go for a drive and grab a coffee. Sometimes they stay in instead, playing a game or doing a puzzle. 

Bobbi also helps out at the Walk for Alzheimer’s. She’s happy to pitch in whenever the organization needs her because everything is so well run, she says. 

Bobbi also enjoys the social element of volunteering. Not only does she get to build a relationship with her match, she also gets to meet other volunteers at monthly meetings. It gives her a chance to share her experiences in the program and trade ideas.

“I love doing it. It gets you out and about,” she says.

She would love to see more people get involved in the Volunteer Companion Program. One day, she says, people might need to access its services for themselves or a family member.

With more than a decade of experience in the Volunteer Companion Program under her belt, Bobbi has no plans to slow down. As long as she’s able, she’ll be taking her match for a drive and a chat, doing what she likes best: giving back. 

Last Updated: 04/10/2018