Meet Elaine Hughes

Elaine Hughes

She was showered with so much thanks she didn’t know how to react.

When Elaine Hughes started volunteering in the Alzheimer Society of Oxford office she was overwhelmed by the appreciation she received from the staff.

“The people that I work with, and for, they say thank you. At first I couldn’t handle that, because I hadn’t received many thank yous in 30-plus years,” she said.

All that gratitude is validating, but also motivating.
“I’ve come to really love the thank you,” Elaine said. “When you’re given the thank you, you just want to do better. So you keep coming back and just trying to do better, and more.”

Elaine works mostly with the Society’s database, inputting data and updating files.

“And for the past several months, I’ve been helping make the receipts that we mail out to all the people that do contributions in the Walk,” Elaine added.

She really enjoys her weekly time at the office.

“I have just a great team that I work with every Wednesday morning – Team Wednesday. I walk into the office and say ‘how’s team Wednesday?’” Elaine said with a chuckle.

She first got connected with the Alzheimer Society after her husband suffered some health challenges.

“I called the office and I started going to the monthly meetings for many years. I got involved in the Walk for Alzheimer’s,” Elaine explained.

And now she’s grateful for a chance to give back.

“When I retired…all of a sudden I’m working in the office! It happened. And I just love it.”

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Last Updated: 11/08/2017