Why I Volunteer: Gayle

An image of Gayle

Gayle Platt - Volunteer since 2018

“I feel that it’s important to stay active and give back to one’s community. I owe so much to the Alzheimer Society of Oxford.  The people and programs were invaluable to both my husband and me during his Alzheimer's journey. When the opportunity arose to volunteer as a receptionist, I was more than happy to become a part of the “helping” side of the society as opposed to just a grateful recipient.

“I enjoy the interaction with both the public and staff and to be able to help in my small way to spread the word about what a wonderful resource the Society is for both those with dementia and their caregivers.

“I gain the satisfaction of knowing my time has been well spent along with the unexpected bonus of being very much appreciated.  Plus, I now have many new friends.

“I do, and have even before I became a volunteer, encourage anyone who has approached me to get in touch with the Alzheimer Society of Oxford for information and help with their concerns and questions about dementia.”

Gayle, you are such an asset to the Alzheimer Society of Oxford in your office volunteer role. We thank you for the many hours you’ve devoted to administrative tasks and seeing that our clients are warmly welcomed and directed to the appropriate support. 

Last Updated: 04/07/2020