Why I Volunteer: Meet Anne Knops

Meet Anne

Anne is no stranger to volunteer work and has given her time and talents very generously to different organizations and causes for many years.  More recently, Anne became a Volunteer Companion through the Alzheimer Society of Oxford.

When asked why she volunteers, Anne said, “When I volunteer, I receive a feeling of pride and accomplishment. It gives me a sense of purpose within my community knowing I have helped in some small way make some event happen successfully or have given an individual or caregiver a happier moment in their day.”

Anne enjoys her role as a volunteer companion and describes her visits as “a huge life of spirit each week”.  Through her training in the Volunteer Companion Program and her experience in visiting her match, she has learned to live in the exact moment that she and her match are experiencing.  Anne finds that every visit is different but always has much laughter and appreciation of the little things life has to offer.  Anne shared about her visits, “Maybe it is just the sun shining brightly, or that we sing a song (poorly on my part), but it is always with great passion and laughter.”

Anne has found the training the Alzheimer Society of Oxford provides very helpful, “The extensive education on dementia, gave me the confidence to go meet my client with ease. If a situation arises, I have someone available at all times to help assess and solve a problem. We are never alone in dealing with anything more complex than we are trained for.  There are monthly meetings to help us discuss how other volunteers are dealing with a particular problem or new activities that we can enjoy during our visits.” 

“Volunteering for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford is a rewarding journey for all ages and I highly recommend the adventure.”  Anne Knops

Last Updated: 04/08/2019