Why I Volunteer: Meet Justin

An image of Justin

Justin Mills - Volunteer Since 2019

Justin is one of the tremendous volunteers who clean the Alzheimer Society of Oxford office. 

“I am lucky enough to get every other Tuesday off work. I enjoy doing other types of work than what is required at my job, which is normally a lot of administration and sitting at a desk. It feels good to move my body even if it’s just cleaning some floors. I have family members struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and have lost a grandfather to it. It was high on my list of organizations that I wanted to volunteer for. I wasn't sure what I would be doing when I first volunteered but I am happy we found a need that I was able to assist with. 

“Volunteering provides me the opportunity to contribute to organizations that I believe have a positive impact on the world. People don't always get the same opportunity to do that when you’re constricted by the requirement for a paycheck. 

“I feel it’s important for people to feel that they are doing good for the people around them and volunteering is a great way to do that.” 

When asked what he enjoys most about volunteering with the Alzheimer Society, Justin shared, “The positive attitude! When I first started coming into the building, I was blown away by the positive attitude that every single member of the office had. They are all so motivated and positive that you can’t help but feel better.” 

Justin, we’re so thankful for the role you play in providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment for our clients, staff, and volunteers! It means so much to us all!

Last Updated: 04/06/2020