Shifting focus: a guide to understanding dementia behaviour

Shifting focus is a tool to help the families and friends of people with dementia understand behaviour caused by the disease. Shifting focus: a guide to understanding dementia behaviour is available in a short booklet or full guide which can be downloaded and printed at your home.

Printed copies of the short booklet are available to organizations via our online store.

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New: shifting focus  booklets have been translated into 7 languages, all of which are available electronically and on our online store


New:  shifting focus is now available on video. Visit our video library to see more.



  • Shifting focus was presented at the 2014 Alzheimer's Disease International Conference.
  • Shifting focus was the pick of the week in the Long-term care newsletter from the Crane Library at the University of Manitoba.
  • Shifting focus is being used in a pilot project to reduce the use of anti-psychotic drugs in Alberta long-term care homes.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017