Edgar's Dance

Challenging situations may arise when a person with dementia exhibits what we call “responsive behaviours,” that is, the challenging difficult behavior that usually seems so out of character with the person you know. It’s hard to know what to do. Shifting Focus, a resource guide developed for family members, friends and co-residents of those who live at home or in a long-term care home and behaving in unpredictable ways. It offers ways to respond to behaviours and increase patience and acceptance for those living with a dementia.

Edgar's Dance is a short film written and directed by Josh Mullins.

Edgar's Dance is about seventy-five year old Edgar, who, has been dancing since he was a young man. One day, while parading around his house with his top hat and cane, Edgar “sees” a beautiful, young lady elegantly spinning around on his front lawn. As he tries to go outside to dance with her, he discovers the reality of his life. But the good news is that his caregiver has learned how to grieve the loss, yet focus on the positive moments.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017