Support Groups

Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia can leave those with the disease and their care partners feeling isolated and alone. Support groups support people who want to inform themselves with current information that will help improve quality of life with the disease. At the Alzheimer Society Peel we other a variety of support groups to help you wherever you may be in this journey


Please call your counsellor to discuss which program will best meet your needs or call Service Access at 289-632-2273 ext 307


FIRST STEPS - This series is to help individuals newly diagnosed with a dementia and their carepartners understand their diagnosis and the changes they may be experiencing. It will also offer participants an opportunity to share and connect with others embarking on a similar journey.


LAST STEPS - This series is to help carepartners understand changes that occur at late / end stage dementia, coping with transitions, and making informed decisions.


TEACH - A 4 week interactive group sessions for family caregivers. Caregivers learn and practice practical skills central to caregiving. There is opportunity to share and learn from other caregivers.


CARERS - An 8 week skills-based small group therapy for family caregivers. The focus is on practical skills and emotional supports needed to care for family members with dementia. Caregivers learn Problem Solving Techniques.


EARLY STAGE SUPPORT GROUP - An 8 week, 2 hour bi-weekly program that will continue to help carepartners learn about dementia, the progression of the disease and the impact it may have on the individuals and families. Carepartners will learn practical coping strategies and will be encouraged to start early planning and the importance of protecting and maintaining their physical and emotional health


LATER STAGE SUPPORT GROUP - A 8 week, 2 hour bi-weekly program that will continue to help carepartners make decisions about the care of their care-receiver in the later stages. This will include planning for LTC and palliative or hospital/acute care decisions. Carepartner will be encouraged to continue with their own self care.


TIME TO TALK - This session offers a supportive environment in which carepartner have an opportunity to meet and to discuss common concerns, enjoy mutual support from each other, gain knowledge about the disease, exchange ideas and coping strategies.

Last Updated: 09/21/2018