Information for health-care professionals

First Link®

First Link® connects individuals newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias and their families to support early in the disease process. Support continues throughout the course of the disease.

Why refer to First Link®?


  • To get connected to the Alzheimer Society early in order to prevent crisis situations
  • To reduce caregiver burnout and premature long-term care placement

Who can make a referral?


Anyone can make a referral to First Link® including:

  • Self referral 
  • Family physician
  • Family members
  • Community care partners
  • Allied health professionals

How to make a First Link® referral


  • Fax or e-mail a referral form (with the patient or their family member’s permission) to the First Link Program and we will make the connection from there. Forms may be faxed to 705-722-9392.

    Download the First Link Referral Form (.pdf)

Last Updated: 06/03/2019