First Link Care Navigation and Cognitive Assessments



Connects you with health services and information from the time of diagnosis and through entire progression of the disease. All First Link Care Navigators are registered professionals (Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse, Registered Social Services Worker or Registered Social Worker) 

Screening and testing is also provided. Results will be shared with your family health care provider for interpretation.  

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Our Counselling Services include:

  • Behavioural Support Facilitation

The Behaviour Support Facilitator works with the person living with an Alzheimer or related dementia diagnosis (PLWD) who demonstrates behaviours and assists their care partners. They provide coping skills and supportive strategies for those living or caring for a PLWD exhibiting behaviours, with a goal of reducing responsive behaviours.

For more information on our First Link Care Navigators, Behavioural Support & Cognitive Assesments please call:

Sudbury : (705) 560-0603

North Bay: (705) 495-4342

Manitoulin Island : 705-524-2024 ext. 401 








Last Updated: 01/22/2019