What might Canada look like if we all had a better understanding of dementia?

We can make it happen. Help us reach 5,000 Dementia Friends by Canada Day!

“Dementia Friends Canada is a fantastic opportunity to get neighbours and people in the community to recognize the signs of dementia so they can help support the person living with this disease. Helping people with dementia whether it’s in a grocery store, at the bank or if they’ve wandered outside and can’t get back home, helps foster their independence."

Daniela Coelho, caregiver


Since Dementia Friends Canada launched two weeks ago, close to 3,000 Canadians have already taken a moment to learn more about dementia and commit to a simple action, like

  • getting in touch and staying in touch with someone you know living with the dementia
  • volunteering with an Alzheimer Society
  • promoting Dementia Friends in the workplace, to name a few.

If you haven’t yet registered to become a Dementia Friend, please visit us at www.dementiafriends.ca and join the movement of Canadians trying to make a brighter future for people with dementia. If you want to take your commitment a step further, consider becoming a Dementia Friends Ambassador, and invite your own network to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

“After being diagnosed, my friends started to call less and less. I would say today, that I have lost many friends due to this disease. Their lack of understanding and fear of the dementia, unfortunately has kept us apart. Having Dementia Friends will enable us to continue living a productive lifestyle. We will be ourselves for a bit longer. As we are worthwhile and we do matter.”

Chris Nelson, living with dementia


Workplace participation is also essential to the success of the Dementia Friends movement because you are not just connected to the disease through friends and family, but also through co-workers, business contacts, and their families. In fact, three out of four Canadians know someone with dementia. Get your free toolkit and help spread the word in your organization.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017